What’s New?

  • Check out the one-stop Broadening Participation in EECS resources page! Primarily targeted at undergrads, but some graduate opportunities are there too!
  • Prof. Dan Garcia and I were awarded a California Education Learning Lab grant to collaborate with Prof. Alvaro Monge (CSU Long Beach) and Profs. Solomon Russell and Edwin Ambrosio (El Camino College) to develop question generators for CS courses that have overlapping content across the institutions, and evaluate the pedagogical efficacy of the mastery learning they will enable.
  • Our 2009 paper Predicting Multiple Metrics for Queries: Better Decisions Enabled by Machine Learning (lead author: Archana Ganapathi, PhD 2010) was honored with the “test of time” 2019 ICDE Influential Paper Award!
  • Slides, enlaces, y recursos relacionados con mi ponencia en MOOCMaker 2018, Medellín
  • New Berkeley/edX Professional Certificate in Blockchain is announced, based on student-designed DeCal courses
  • The UC system stands out among both public and private universities in both enrolling socioeconomically-disadvantaged students and graduating them.
  • My musing on the role of new credentials like the edX MicroMasters in the higher ed ecosystem.
  • Berkeley joins the NSF-funded FLIP Alliance to dramatically increase diversity in the CS Professoriate. As a Campus Equity Advisor and CS Graduate Admissions Diversity Officer, I'm part of the delegation to FLIP. (Note: renamed LEAP Alliance as of March 2021)
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