What’s New?

  • Our 2009 paper Predicting Multiple Metrics for Queries: Better Decisions Enabled by Machine Learning (lead author: Archana Ganapathi, PhD 2010) was honored with the 2019 ICDE Influential Paper Award!
  • Slides, enlaces, y recursos relacionados con mi ponencia en MOOCMaker 2018, Medellín
  • New Berkeley/edX Professional Certificate in Blockchain is announced, based on student-designed DeCal courses
  • The UC system stands out among both public and private universities in both enrolling socioeconomically-disadvantaged students and graduating them.
  • My musing on the role of new credentials like the edX MicroMasters in the higher ed ecosystem.
  • Berkeley joins the NSF-funded FLIP Alliance to dramatically increase diversity in the CS Professoriate. As a Campus Equity Advisor and CS Graduate Admissions Diversity Officer, I'm part of the delegation to FLIP.
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