I'm a UC Berkeley Equity Advisor, CS Graduate Diversity Officer, UC Berkeley representative in CMD-IT FLIP Alliance, faculty sponsor of CS Scholars program. 

Recent Diversity-Related News and Efforts

  • I’m giving my new talk Fail Your Way To Success at the CRA-WP Underrepresented Minorities & Students with Disabilities (URMD) Grad Cohort in Austin, TX!

“I’m a student wishing to be more directly involved in diversity-enhancing activities…”

That’s great! This campaign will be fought one battle at a time and we eagerly want your help—just make sure you balance it with your student obligations. (The best thing you can do for diversity is secure your academic standing and eventual career, so you will be in the strongest position to help others.)

Here are some suggestions of what you can do on campus right now (thanks to Audrey Sillers, Director of Student Diversity for EECS, with whom I work very closely):
  • Get involved with BiasBusters! They’re always looking to recruit younger members for continuity. BiasBusters was conceived by our students attending the Tapia Conference and learning about the organization and then emulating here it at Berkeley.
  • Reach out to student groups such as LAGSES or BGESS (graduate), or HES or BESSA (undergraduate)—they often do direct outreach and mentoring to pre-college as well as college students.
  • Get involved in CS Scholars.
  • BAIR is starting a mentoring program (inspired by CS Scholars) for PhD students and URM undergrads.  Graduate student Rudy Corona Rodriguez has more info.
  • Mentoring a SUPERB student directly impacts the likelihood of that student later being admitted to a PhD program. 
  • If you attend Tapia, SHPE, SACNAS, NSBE, Grace Hopper, … sign up to work at the Berkeley booth and directly advise prospective applicants! Audrey Sillers can help with this.