Spring 2019: 
  • CS 169 Software Engineering, Tue/Thu 2-3:30, 2060 VLSB
  • CS 375 Teaching Techniques for CS, Mon 10am-noon (through end of March), 101 Life Sciences Addition
  • Office hours: Monday 1-2pm, 732 Soda Hall, or by appointment (email me), except travel days (see at right)
Spring 2018: CS 375 Teaching Techniques for CS (with Randy Katz), Mondays 4-6pm, Woz Lounge

Fall 2017: CS 169 Software Engineering, TTh 6:30-8pm, 245 Li Ka Shing

  • Undergraduates interested in CS375: CS375 as a graduate course requires permission codes for undergraduate students to be able to enroll.  Undergraduates hired as (U)GSIs for CS/EECS classes should contact Cindy Conners to enroll. After all CS/EECS (U)GSIs can be accommodated in CS375/EE375, other undergrads can sign up closer to the beginning of the semester.  Please consider signing up for CS370 instead, as it is better set up to handle larger enrollments.
Always available online at edX: Agile Development Using Ruby on Rails parts 1 & 2 (part 3 coming Summer 2018)

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