What some think of as hobby projects…

  • PogoVision, a photo-scrolling screensaver/app for Roku meant to imitate AppleTV’s screensaver mode.  Discontinued because the free Roku app PhotoView for Google Photos does this as well as acting as a pretty decent album viewer.
  • Alexa BART app. “Alexa, ask BART when is the next train to downtown Berkeley.” … “Alexa, ask BART what train will get me to 16th and Mission by 7 pm.”
  • Latex2ebook, a toolchain for the Unix-savvy to produce both beautiful PDF and functional AZW (Amazon Kindle format) from the same LaTeX sources.
  • My coding projects ranging from partially useful (E-Z BART) to super useless. Knock yourself out.
  • A rant/plea to small businesses and similar orgs: Stop using Microsoft Word

I read a lot