Office hours (Spring 2019): Mondays 1-2pm, 341A Soda Hall (except while traveling, see at right), or by appointment
Phone:  No. Please email to setup a Skype or Hangout with me.

Add me to your contacts/address book

Please be aware before contacting me…

I don't do expert witness work, ever, but if you're specifically interested in my mobile computing work as a PhD student because you're trying to take down a patent troll, I've put all that stuff on GitHub and good luck to you.

Students who need a recommendation letter: please read these guidelines before requesting one. It’s for your own benefit.

I don’t respond to recruiter inquiries of any kind. Sorry.

Applying to Berkeley? If you are a current Berkeley undegraduate student applying to grad school etc., I would be happy to talk to you. Otherwise, I generally cannot respond to “cold call” emails regarding admission to Berkeley. If you're admitted I'll be happy to talk to you once you're here.

Seeking a summer research internship or postdoc? Select For Students > Undergraduate Research above.
  • The best way to reach me is by email: my last name at berkeley dot edu.
  • Ria Briggs can generally schedule me for work-related appointments.
  • My somewhat-up-to-date CV

Armando Fox,
Nov 6, 2017, 4:21 PM