Spring 2024:

  • CS 169L: Software Engineering Team Project (with Prof. Michael Ball). Student teams work with real customers (nonprofits & campus units) to build SaaS. Requires CS169A or equivalent experience, as characterized by its textbook Engineering Software as a Service.

  • CS 375: Teaching Techniques for CS. Pedagogy, classroom climate, DEIBJ, and in general being a successful student teacher.

Fall 2023:

  • CS 169A: Intro to Software Engineering (with Prof. Michael Ball). Fast-paced introduction to the fundamentals of Agile software engineering, including cloud computing & SaaS, behavior-driven design with lo-fi mockups and user stories, test-driven development, working with and refactoring legacy code, design patterns, dev/ops, cloud+client app frameworks, working in Agile teams, and using the tools professionals use to craft beautiful, maintainable software.

  • CS 375: Teaching Techniques for CS

  • CS 194-244/CS 294-244: STAR Assessments for Mastery Learning. Student teams will develop competency-specific, rich, interactive, randomizable assessments that address EECS curriculum, and learn to rigorously evaluate them using the methods of HCI and the learning sciences.

Spring 2023:

Fall 2022:

Spring 2022:

  • CS 169L: Software Engineering Team Project
  • CS 375: Teaching Techniques for CS

Fall 2021:

  • CS 24-003 Our Digital Quandary (freshman seminar): The Co-Evolution of Information Technology and Society. Fridays 13:00-14:00 Pacific time, 606 Soda Hall. Limited-enrollment freshman seminar, but the materials and the films we’ll watch are available to anyone with a CalNet ID.
  • CS 375 Teaching Techniques for Computer Science
  • (DeCal sponsor) CS 198 Cloud Computing DeCal led by CS undergrads Ari Rigan and Shane Fan.

Spring 2021:

Fall 2020:

Spring 2019: 

  • CS 169 Software Engineering, Tue/Thu 2-3:30, 2060 VLSB
  • CS 375 Teaching Techniques for CS, Mon 10am-noon (through end of March), 101 Life Sciences Addition

Spring 2018: CS 375 Teaching Techniques for CS (with Prof. Randy Katz), Mondays 4-6pm, Woz

Always available online at edX: Agile Development Using Ruby on Rails 

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