Stop using Facebook and Twitter

No, you cannot friend me on Facebook or follow me on Twitter.

Once I was a supporter of the ability of these technologies to bring people together.

These companies aren’t doing anything illegal. They are doing something worse: something that is legal but morally indefensible. Their business models have come to explicitly rely on the irresponsible enabling and focusing of hate and divisiveness.  They can readily stop it, and they choose not to, because that would mean that their shareholders and executives would be worth merely millions of dollars rather than billions of dollars. They are knowingly doing it for the money. There are many versions of this argument but I think Kara Swisher’s version is the most articulate and concise. 

Even if my own activities on those sites do not spread hate and divisiveness, even if all I do is check up on my personal friends, the companies’ business models are dependent on many people like me using the site so that they can monetize their advertising.

I am not willing to be an enabler of companies that behave this way. I lived my entire adult life without those companies and I do not need them now. Neither do you. Find another way to stay in touch with your friends and don’t enable a business model that benefits from the rapid spread of vile speech.