Past Projects

Here’s a list of students I’ve worked with in the past.

Other projects I’ve worked on in the past include (in reverse chronological order):

Recovery-Oriented Computing (ROC)

We looked at ways to improve availability of Internet services by reducing recovery time. Contributions of the project included microreboots, crash-only software, and better tools for human operators to diagnose and repair problems.

Internet Service Support for Mobile Computing

This was my PhD thesis work that included GloMop (Global Mobile Computing by Proxy) and the design of SNS, a scalable network server for TACC (transformation, aggregation, caching, customization, the building blocks of Web services). The work was done as part of the BARWAN/Daedalus project and the NOW (Network of Workstations) project.

Note: If you are a patent attorney, litigation firm, or similar entity seeking the original design documents and source code connected with this project, perhaps to use as prior art to overturn a silly patent, all of that code and all the design documents I still have are posted on GitHub.

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