I am an avid fan of the history of technology, especially computing, and its lighter-weight cousin retrocomputing. Someday I hope to co-teach a course about it. In the meanwhile you can waste your time with the links to the left and some of the goodies below:

Computing history stuff I’ve made
  • My occasional blog posts on computing history
  • Armando’s Computer History Minute: a set of occasional 5-minute detours in computing history, which I incorporate into my lectures
  • In Praise of BASIC, a piece I wrote on the cultural impact of one of the world’s most maligned programming languages, yet one of the most influential. This is the first in a series I will call the Dead Standards Society, paying homage to standards and quasi-standards that are now defunct/obsolete but without which important milestones in the computing revolution would not have happened.
  • I periodically host groups of Berkeley CS Scholars on a trip to the awesome Computer History Museum. This is the handout I created to accompany the visit. I’m hoping to eventually create a full online “course” on this topic that also serves as a self-guidable CHM tour.
Computing history stuff others have made
  • Mastergeek Theater, an infrequently-updated list of the best full-length and short-feature movies/documentaries about computing history
  • My YouTube computing history playlist includes some of the Mastergeek Theater content, plus many great short films about computer history