(This list only includes students for whom I was a primary or co-advisor, not students on whose committees I served as non-primary.)

PhD and Postdoc Alumni (* = committee member but not primary)

  1. Kristin Stephens-Martinez, PhD 2017, now Assistant Professor of the Practice at Duke University
  2. Kristal Curtis, PhD 2015, with Prof. Dave Patterson. Leveraging similar regions to improve genome data processing
  3. * Erin Carson, PhD 2015, with Prof. Jim Demmel. Communication-avoiding Krylov subspace methods in theory and practice.
  4. Beth Trushkowsky, PhD 2013, with Prof. Mike Franklin, now Assistant Professor at Harvey Mudd College.  Collecting data with the crowd.
  5. Michael Armbrust, PhD 2012, with Prof. Mike Franklin, now at DataBricks. Scale-Independent Relational Query Processing.
  6. Charles Sutton, postdoc 2012, now a Reader (Associate Prof.) at the University of Edinburgh
  7. Shoaib Kamil, PhD 2012, with Prof. Kathy Yelick, now Research Scientist at MIT CSAIL. Productive High Performance Parallel Programming with Auto-tuned Domain-Specific Embedded Languages
  8. Wei Xu, PhD 2010, with Prof. Dave Patterson, now Assistant Professor at Tsinghua University. 
  9. Archana Ganapathi, PhD 2010, with Prof. Dave Patterson, now at Splunk
  10. Peter Bodík, PhD 2010, now at Microsoft Research. Automating Datacenter Operations Using Machine Learning.
  11. * Rean Griffith, postdoc 2010, now at Illumio
  12. Steve Zhang, PhD 2007 (Stanford), now at Splunk. Capturing, Indexing and Retrieving System History
  13. Andy Huang, PhD 2005 (Stanford), now at Google. Design principles and techniques for enabling reboot-based administration in a persistent state storage system.
  14. Benjamin Ling, PhD 2005 (Stanford), now Partner at Khosla Ventures. Manageability as a First Class Objective in Enterprise State Stores.
  15. Shankar Ponnekanti, PhD 2005 (Stanford), now at Google. Interoperation With Network Services.
  16. Emre Kiciman, PhD 2005 (Stanford), now at Microsoft Research Redmond. Using Statistical Monitoring to Detect Failures in Internet Services. (This is one of the projects that inspired the creation of the RAD Lab.)
  17. James Cutler, PhD 2005 (Stanford),  now Associate Professor at University of Michigan. A framework for recovery-oriented, COTS-based ground station networks. 
  18. George Candea, PhD 2005 (Stanford), now Associate Professor at EPFL, Information Sciences Dept., and recipient of the first ACM SIGOPS Jochen Liedtke Memorial Award.  Crash-Only Software and Microreboot: A Design and Technique for Achieving High Availability in Frequently-Failing Software Systems

Masters’ Alumni

  • Laurence Melloul, MS 2005, now a Program Manager at Microsoft
  • Clara Shih, MS 2005, entrepreneur, tech leader, co-founder of Hearsay Social and author of The Facebook Era. She's been named (among other things) in Fortune’s Most Powerful Women Entrepreneurs, Fast Company’s Most Influential People in Technology, and Businessweek’s Top Young Entrepreneurs. That's how good an advisor I am :-)
  • James Cutler, PhD 2005, Associate Professor, Univ. of Michigan, Aerospace Eng. Dept.  A framework for recovery-oriented, COTS-based ground station networks
  • Brad Johanson, PhD 2005, co-founder & CTO, Tidebreak. Application Coordination Infrastructure for Ubiquitous Computing Rooms.

My academic genealogy

Armando Fox (UC Berkeley)
    Eric Brewer (MIT)
        William Weihl (MIT)
            Barbara Liskov (Stanford)
                John McCarthy (Princeton)
                    Solomon Lefschetz (Clark University)
                        William Story (Universität Leipzig)
                            C. Felix Klein (Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn)
                                Rudolf Lipschitz (Universität Berlin)
                                    Gustav P.L. Dirichlet (Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn)
                                        Simeon Poisson & Jean-Baptiste Fourier (co-advisors; École Polytechnique)
                                            Joseph Louis Lagrange [no dissertation, no advisor]
                                                Leonhard Euler (Universität Basel)
                                                    Johann Bernoulli (Universität Basel)
                                                        Jacob Bernoulli (Universität Basel)
                                                            Gottfried Wilhelm von Leibnitz (Universität Altdorf)
                                                                Erhard Weigel (Universität Leipzig)