Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Collaborate with Mexican software engineering students to solve real problems

For the last few years Dave Patterson and I have been successful in running CS169 Software Engineering with student projects focused on nonprofits.  Recent customers have included CityDogShare, UC Berkeley Food Pantry, Khan Academy Myanmar, CalCentral, the Palo Alto Veterans Hospital, and more.
Next Spring we want to try something new.
My colleague Prof. Juan Carlos Lavariega from Instituto Tecnológico de Monterrey, Mexico ("el Tec") would like a couple of teams of his best software engineering students to collaborate with a couple of teams of our best software engineering students, to work with a nonprofit on problems relevant to both the US and Latin America. Think immigration, cultural assimilation, workers' rights, cultural exchange.
We are looking for a small number of students passionate about this area to help put together this effort.
The goal is to create this collaboration from a subset of the student teams in my CS169 (Spring 2016) and a subset of Prof. Lavariega's Spring 2016 capstone project course teams. On the Berkeley side, this would mean that those teams' CS169 projects would be in collaboration with the Tec students.
Everyone knows that nothing really happens in academia without students leading it, so this is my call for interest. You'd help identify nonprofits and projects, help coordinate the teams, and ideally be part of one yourself (so I'm particularly interested in people who are planning to take CS169 in Spring, and this would get you priority admission if it's overenrolled). There would be some preparatory coordination activities during Fall.
Email me if you're interested and let's further Berkeley's tradition of doing well by doing good.

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