Monday, March 19, 2012

Crisis Averted: What If You Have to Cancel a Show?

Well, that was exciting.

Because of a problem with Alameda Power & Telecom’s equipment, Altarena had to suddenly cancel tonight’s Of Mice & Men performance.

Happily, the cast agreed to stage a “make-up” performance tomorrow night at 6pm, after the matinee.  Tonight’s customers were told they could either come to that performance, exchange the ticket for any other performance of the season, or get a refund.

But how to “roll over” tonight’s will-call list?

As it turned out, it was pretty simple.  We simply edited the “time and date of this performance” info in Audience1st to reflect the rescheduled time.  Presto-change-o: all patrons who had reservations for tonight now “automatically” have reservations for tomorrow (it even shows up in their online account), plus we can even sell tickets to the added performance to make up for those patrons who prefer a refund or can’t come tomorrow.  Indeed, it’s already listed as an added performance on our Store page—it just happens to be an added performance to which we’ve already sold a lot of tickets.

I hate when unexpected situations like this result in having to cancel a show, but at least the software makes the administrative part of it pretty painless.  So—crisis averted.  Can your ticketing system do that?  :-)

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