We continue to make progress on applying machine learning to problems in deploying and operating datacenter-scale systems…

  • Peter Bodik’s paper on “Fingerprinting the Datacenter” (joint work with Moises Goldszmidt at Microsoft Research Silicon Valley and Dawn Woodard at Cornell) was accepted to EuroSys 2010, where I’ll also be giving a tutorial on Web 2.0 applications;
  • Wei Xu presented an online version of his work on data mining of console logs (joint with Ling Huang at Intel Research Berkeley) at ICDM 2009 last month;
  • Dr. Archana Ganapathi filed her PhD dissertation (yay!!) and just had a paper accepted to the Self-Managing Database Systems workshop (SMDB 2010) on statistics-driven workload modeling for cloud jobs like Hadoop (joint work with Yanpei Chen)
  • The RAD Lab will be featured in the VMware GoVirtual webzine later this month, stay tuned!

…and of course we are planning submissions to SOCC and WebApps as well.  See the students’ pages or my project pages for more details!